"THEN Jesus was led by the spirit into the desert, to be tempted by the devil. And when he had fasted forty days and forty nights, afterwards he was hungry. And the tempter coming said to him: If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread. Who answered and said: It is written, Not in bread alone doth man live, but in every word that proceedeth from the mouth of God." Matthew 4:1-4

Monday, May 17, 2010

Today's bread

Since the boys have done a superb job of providing fish dinners for Friday, we haven't had pizza lately. Unless you count a quick trip to Little Caesar's the other day which everyone agreed was a waste of time and money. It's never been a favorite, but it is cheap and quick. And when you need pizza for 7 or 8 or 9 pizza-eaters, cheap is good.
But tonight, pizza is on the menu. Real pizza from our own oven stone, with a little olive oil brushed on the crust, maybe some mozzarella stuffed in the crust, some corn meal on the bottom and semolina flour (finally found a little tiny package for a large price. LOL) a little Italian sausage, some peppers, fresh tomatoes and more cheese on top.
People are wishing the day away here, drooling at the mere suggestion that pizza is forthcoming this evening.

Pictures tomorrow.

We'll make some sandwich bread, too, now that we've replenished the yeast and flour supply. 

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