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Friday, May 7, 2010

Sophie's Choice revisited

A couple thousand years ago or so, a young unmarried lady finding herself in - shall we say - the family way, could look forward to ostracism at best, stoning-until-dead at worst. Now we would all agree that a woman shouldn't be stoned to death if she has compromised her virginity.
(This does still happen in certain "free and peaceful" parts of the world. You knew that, right?)
But whaddya think oughtta happen really?
Should a young woman be transported by the Department of Human Services against her will to another state for a late term abortion? (24 weeks! Babies born at 24 weeks regularly survive with lots of medical intervention.) Now why the state which legally must support a woman's right to choose, do such a thing? They told this girl it's because she already has a toddler. Obviously she had her first child at a very young age. So?
So kill the second one or take the toddler away was her option from her social worker. Oh, yeah that's choice. Like Sophie's Choice  (Be warned - if you have never read this book it is very graphic, tragic and horrific).  And what chance does a child who is herself in foster care have against a government?
Your reaction is just wrong if you think the state was acting within its power or has a right to terminate pregnancies at will. No government has the right to do such a thing.
And you didn't really think this: well, the little chit probably couldn't take care of another one, you did not.
Or think that that is just one more welfare baby *you*  don't have to pay for.
I hope not.

It is important, no, it is imperative that we never come to place where we feel justified in thinking in such a vein. "An injustice done to one is an injustice to all."
Thinking like this, we become less fully human, we degrade ourselves and allow a *force,* an *it,* to have control of our lives and our society. 

I am going to pray that the Lord sends this girl a mentor, that she sues the state of Pennsylvania, wins millions of dollars and has a wonderful, happy life. I am going to pray that the trauma of this doesn't snap her mind and render her unable to care for her child and further unable to care for herself.
You do what you can, too. It could happen to you.

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  1. oh my.... that is just .... awful isn't even the word.


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