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Thursday, April 22, 2010

A First for Us

We've been parents for 23 years now. If you add them up, we're logging almost 115 kid years. We've learned to expect the unexpected and that each child is his or her own person and different from all the others. But some things tend to repeat themselves and grow old over the years.

Not so with Dominic.

We visited this little shoppe in Utica, IL called Flutterby's Gourmet Popcorn. (Get some, it's amazingly good.)
Being good, but not exactly wealthy tourists, we purchased a few items - each kid picked a popcorn ball and I got a bag of cheese and caramel mix - mmmmm. And some cashews for my nutty husband.
 Dominic got a caramel popcorn ball.
Apparently, popcorn balls and loose teeth aren't the best combination. Or maybe they are.
(I was not home, I am reporting events as they were told to me.)
Bud to Padrecito, who is going back and forth between two mirrors, showing his teeth: "What are you doing, Son?"
Son: "Well, I checked this mirror 'cause I thought that one must be confused."
Bud: "What?"
Son: "Well it shows that my tooth came out but I didn't feel anything."

Yes, indeed, after 120+ other baby teeth, the seventh child swallowed his.

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  1. LOLLLLL!!! "I checked this mirror because the I thought the other one must be confused"!!!!!! hahahaha That's such a Dominic thing to say! LOL.


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