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Monday, June 7, 2010

Been Awhile

Well, we have this saga about our internet access. Once we had unlimited data from Alltel, but because we now move so much, we were in roaming areas a lot. Apparently, Alltel can cancel your service as they see fit, even though you have paid promptly for many, many years... Without notifying me. How about this one? We have our landline phone on suspended service because we are not home. Makes sense, right?
We have FIVE  lines with Alltel. They claim that the only line they can use to contact us is our suspended landline. Five Alltel lines. No notification. Now that's customer service.

You know if I owed them money, they would have called all five of those lines until they got their money.

It's sad. I have been so pleased with my Alltel service. But they split up and our part is owned by AT&T - well, it's transitioning thereto. Bud's work phones are AT&T. I am sooooo not impressed. We go places that most people don't know exist, like say, Roodhouse, IL or Thedford, NE. His phone and air card rarely have service in the boonies, until recently the Alltel phones have worked - without roaming - everywhere except the mountains in Montana.  But since most of Alltel was bought out by Verizon, we are more frequently in areas with roaming charges on the phones. So we don't call. (And I hate to text, but that's another day.)

All the Alltel contracts will be over in October.
 I won't stay with AT&T. 
Who's your provider and what do you like/dislike?


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  2. Also what phones do you like? Because I got a crummy phone and if I am going to pay for services, I'd appreciate if the phone was good enough to USE those services.

  3. We have Sprint, and they've been very good. I never once lost service on our drive from VA to CA. The rates are very good, and my only complaint with Sprint is that I can't have an iPhone. (Can't blame that on Sprint---it's Apple's fault for marrying AT&T.)

    I am DROOLING over the brand-new HTC Evo, which is a Sprint-compatible phone. Debuted last Friday--I've been eyeing the releases for months--but is already sold out. Doesn't matter anyway (for me), since I can't upgrade my phone until October. (Sprint gives discounts on upgrades after a certain amount of time. Right now I could get the half-discount, but if I wait until Oct I'll get the full discount. So I'm waiting.)

    The HTC Hero is a nice phone, and much cheaper now that the Evo has come out. A new Sprint contract (2 yrs) gets you the Hero for $79, I think. Not that I obsess over this stuff or anything. ;)

    $79 is still $$$ for a new phone on a new Sprint account (2 yr contract). You can get pretty good phones for free, or under $50, as a new customer there. Samsung makes some good phones. I like the Android operating system.

    I've heard good things about the Google Nexus One. Not Sprint compatible, though.

    My BIL uses and likes Verizon---he has a plan for his small business, Verizon phones for all employees. He's been with them for years. They would probably be my second choice for phone service.

    Your Alltel story is incredible! No notification???!!!! What jerks!!

  4. P.S. A neat thing about the Evo--but there may be an extra monthly charge for this, I don't know--is that the phone can serve as a mobile hotspot for your computer to access the internet. So say you're in the middle of nowhere with no WiFi, but you have phone service? You can connect your laptop to the internet via the phone.

  5. I use Metro for my phone and we have Century-link (DH's company) for internet and TV. It's ok. We are actually beta testing the internet TV service and they DO still have quite a few bugs to work out, but the internet quality is very good, (even though dh always wants it faster). *I* think we have very fast internet because even with 3 or four people on the line(we have wireless, so sometimes a guest or two will have a lap top)...I never notice a difference.
    I just don't know if Century-link is near you.

  6. Metro Nokia's are tough little phones too.

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